Who are we?

Thrive HD – Breathing life in our clients’ visions and business ventures. Founded after witnessing small business owners who were stretched to the breaking point, Thrive HD uses media production to bring creative, concise communication to the target audiences of our small business clients.  Our desire is to see people attain success in the area that they are most passionate about.

We believe that everyone was created to Thrive. It often takes someone with a different perspective and skillset to help position us in a place to succeed. Our passion is to use our talents and drive to come alongside you and your dreams, so that you too may Thrive.

– Ben Shenkin, Founder

Meet Our Team

Jecelyn Shenkin


Jecelyn is a visionary and a systems thinker. Her consistent drive in life is to get people unstuck and make systems better. She loves music, travel and photography, and she is constantly learning something new. Ben describes her as a "compulsive googler" because she can't go very long without looking up something random up on Google.

Benjamin Shenkin


As a self described "gadfly," Ben will willingly poke at existing systems or old thought patterns in order to spur people in a better direction. At the same time, he is very empathetic and, more than anything, he loves to teach and coach. He lives on Canada Dry/Sparkling Water. In his spare time, he loves to drink coffee by the ocean and do woodworking projects.

Brie Kinne

Project Manager

Brie is incredibly organized. She great at communications and keeping projects moving forward. She also has a fantastic design eye, and is very technically skilled at websites and graphic design. She enjoys boxed wine, logging in with the wrong zoom account and is terrified of snakes.

Israelle Olivia Shenkin

Super Cute Toddler

Israelle (Izzy) is two years old and is starting to get good at cleaning up (keam up!) her own toys. She is super adorable, but doesn't really pull her weight around the company and often tries to hijack the camera during team zoom calls. In her off time you will usually find her playing in the water or dancing to music.